See a Symphony of Lights at Kaleidoscope

Artist Keith Courtney’s latest project, Kaleidoscope, is an epic installation that takes guests into a world of ever-changing illusions through the use of glass, steel, mirrors and moving prisms. The Major Art installation is part of the 2022 RISING program and it is an unmissable display that will warm your heart this winter season.

Kaleidoscope at Rising Melbourne

Kaleidoscope Melbourne uses the same concept as your childhood kaleidoscope (remember that little exciting tube that uses mirrors and colored glass or paper to create ever-changing patterns through that tiny eyehole), but blows it up into a massive labyrinth of corridors to create a more than life-size immersive work of art that represents a symphony of light, color and sound.

You might even find that your sense of movement and gravity feels a little warped during your visit, as the spaces break, surprise and disorient at every turn during this spinning display of light and color.

although Kaleidoscope was curated and created by the wonderful Keith Courtney, it would not have been possible without the collaboration of visual artist Ash Keating, composer Tamil Rogeon and artist Samantha Slicer and a team of highly skilled technicians.

Kaleidoscope Photo by Sophie Argiriou Resized

The mastermind of the project, Keith Courtney is an acclaimed Melbourne-based artist who has created some of the most fascinating art projects in collaboration with major Australian festivals, international artists and venues.

He was also responsible for the well-received art projects ‘the House of Mirrors’ and ‘1000 Doors’. Previously featured in the forecourt of the Arts Center Melbourne, these projects were so popular that these projects toured major cities around the world, attracting over half a million visitors.

When Keith Courtney was asked what guests can experience while visiting the Kaleidoscope mirror maze Melbourne, he said:No one will have the same experience in Kaleidoscope – this is a multi-sensory and sometimes physical experience where the visitor is completely immersed in sound and light – a vortex from serenity to somewhere or nowhere.”

Kaleidoscope Photo by Keith Courtney

Kaleidoscope will premiere in the forecourt of Arts Center Melbourne from Wednesday 1 June to Sunday 24 July 2022. It then heads to the Brisbane Powerhouse from Thursday 11 August to Monday 3 October 2022, followed by an international tour.