See how the BMW M Hybrid V8 was designed in the new Mbedded episode

BMW is entering the Le Mans hybrid prototype class of the IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship for the 2023 season and has recently unveiled the car it will race with. The BMW M Hybrid V8, a name that is refreshingly on the nose compared to the buzzword jargon of modern BMW names, is an incredibly cool-looking race car that will also be important to BMW’s electric future. In this new video from BMW, we get to see the unveiling of the BMW M Hybrid V8 by the team that designed it.

The design of BMW’s hybrid Le Mans car was a joint effort of teams around the world. It was led by Michael Scully, Global Director of Automotive and Advanced Design at BMW Designworks in California. However, there were several designers around the world, including Germany and Italy. The latter is home to Dallara, the company that builds the carbon fiber chassis and structure of the BMW M Hybrid V8.

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In this video, we get to see Scully’s process, how he interacts with his team remotely, and how they all handle the workload of designing a car from different parts of the world. The video also shows the BMW Designworks facility, in all its glory, and even Scully’s first project for BMW M, the Formula BMW car, which featured kidney grille aerodynamics just like the M Hybrid V8.

This new BMW M Hybrid V8 is not only one of the coolest race cars in the brand’s history, but also one of the most important. The technology and know-how that will be developed and learned while designing, building and racing will be translated into BMW’s future road cars. That will only make its hybrid and electric vehicles of the future better and more exciting.