She’s in her house, she’s not meeting, she’s not going out, there’s no plan.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams never leaves home, the source claims: She’s in her house, she’s not meeting, she’s not going out, there’s no plan.

It resembles Wendy WilliamsMental health continues to deteriorate.

A source close to the former TV host claims that she does not leave her house and does not remember anything. There are also no plans for her to return to the big screen – and she would need huge support if she did. According to the source

“She can’t remember anything. She needs a teleprompter and she needs someone to remind her of things.”

They added,

“She’s in her house, she doesn’t take meetings, she doesn’t go out, there’s no plan.”

The Wendy Williams Show recently ended after 13 years on the air, and the namesake was not involved in the final episode. Wendy Williams missed the entire final season of the talk show due to health issues, including Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder.

While it was reported that Williams was going to be honored with a video tribute on the June 17 finale, her ex-husband Kevin Hunter calling it a “travesty” that she wasn’t shot in physical form.

Wendy Williams

He said,

“I think it’s a mockery of Debmar-Mercury to have such an unceremonious departure without Wendy being involved.”

He added,

“It’s the first time in talk show history that this has been done, especially for a show that has been running for over 10 years… There’s absolutely no reason a bigger party involving Wendy couldn’t take place. . †

Sherri Shepherd, who served as guest host during the show’s season, will now be the face of her own talk show titled “Sherri.” It is broadcast in the time slot once held by Wendy Williams

Sherri Shepherd

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