Sister Options Rights To Abi Morgan’s ‘This Is Not A Pity Memoir’ – Deadline

On the Day Season Three of Abi Morgan’s Drama Series The divorce launches in the US on BBC America, producer Sister has acquired the rights to the screenwriter’s autobiographical book This is not a pity memoir

In addition to adapting her memoir for TV, Morgan will also direct and run the project, along with Sister co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Jane Featherstone.

Sister and Morgan have been working together for three seasons of The divorcewhich was originally for the BBC, and this latest agreement strengthens their ties.

At this stage of development there is no broadcaster yet, but Sister will co-produce with Morgan’s production company Little Chick.

This is not a pity memoir is a Sunday Times bestseller and has been praised by the likes of Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan. Billed as “gripping and heartbreaking, but resolutely unwilling to rely on sentimentality,” the book opens with the unexpected collapse of her partner Jacob Krihefski one June morning.

The logline continues: “But this isn’t a pity memoir… this is a story about meeting your person. It’s about the things you wish you had said to the person you love. It is about the silence of being lost in space and the importance of family, parties and noise. It is about not knowing and not being known. It is the difference between living and surviving.”

“Working with Jane and Sister over the past few turbulent years has allowed them to be my running partners and provide a unique overview of the unfolding drama,” Morgan said. “As producers of some of the best movies and televisions out there, there’s no one else I would trust to share the deeply personal This is not a pity memoir to the screen.”

“Abi has such an extraordinary gift for words, so while it should come as absolutely no surprise that her memoir is such a beautiful and powerful book, it still amazed me,” Featherstone added. “We’ve been working together for many years, but her incredible strength in these last few, very challenging ones, has been very inspiring.”

This is not a pity memoir is published in the UK by John Murray and in the US by Sugar 24, owned by HarperCollins. Global rights are handled by 42.