Skate 4 is just called Skate and will be free to play when it launches

EA held a Skate stream overnight called The Board Room and revealed quite a bit about the upcoming Skate game.

The game is not called Skate 4, but just Skate. It will be released on PlayStation, Xbox and PC and is free to play and supports cross-play and cross-progression.

The game was described as a platform that will build upon when released, and is not seen as a sequel to the first three games.

It’s set in a new city called San Vansterdam, and EA was quick to say that, despite the game taking a free-to-play approach, it won’t feature any pay-to-win mechanics or areas. who are locked behind pay walls. Microtransactions will be purely cosmetic in nature.

Skate is still early in development and currently in a closed playtest, but since the game is free to play and will be released as a platform built on which to build, I expect a lot more people to get their hands on it in the near future.