Skate reboot developer warns players against downloading experimental build

Skate reboot is currently in development and fans are excited to see what developer Full Circle has been up to. Unfortunately, there has been a major problem as one of the experimental builds has started circulating online. It is unclear how this happened and when it was first noticed.

Full Circle recently made an announcement on the game’s website advising players not to play the experimental build, even if they manage to get their hands on it. According to them, the build is an unauthorized version of the game and may contain infected files.

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Skate reboot developer asks players not to play a recently leaked unauthorized version of the game

It’s unclear how the experimental build made its way to the public. EA hasn’t officially named the reason yet.

Full Circle made an official announcement informing players that the leaked version was an early build dating back to September 2021. It was not intended to be used as a demo or for testing. The build was intended to be used purely for development purposes.

“While we understand that you’re excited to get into the game, we encourage you to exercise caution when downloading files from unknown sources (and remind you of the potential consequences of violating EA’s Terms of Service).”

The developer also mentioned that players eager to try out the rebooted version of Skate could sign up for their insider playtesting program:

“The best way to get the chance to play is to sign up for Skate insider playtesting here as we continue to invite more players to the game throughout the year.”

Therefore, those interested in playing the game can register to be eligible for the playtest. There have been certain videos of the leaked build on social media that were quickly removed by EA. However, it will be interesting to see if there were general impressions based on the experimental build.

The original Skate game was launched in 2007 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and mobile devices. Developed by EA Black Box, the game was very successful and players loved the skateboard mechanics used in it. The success of the first game led to two sequels and a spin-off title. Fans have been raving ever since the franchise announced it would be getting an encore.

It remains to be seen what changes to the reboot. As always, readers are advised to wait for an official version of the game.

Edited by Siddharth Satish

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