So You Think You Can Dance 17×4: Choreography Round: ohnotheydidnt — LiveJournal

This week, the 42 dancers who passed the first audition rounds were faced with choreography. In the past, all dancers learned routines in multiple dance styles and cuts were made after each round (which seemed a bit unfair to OP because if you were unlucky enough to be assigned your weakest dance style first, you would probably get cut).

This season, the dancers were split into groups based on their self-reported dance style (many of the dancers are cross-trained but are allowed to audition in any style) and learned a dance in that particular style that they danced individually. At this point, dancers could be cut, sent to the second round of choreography, or asked to dance for their lives.

The second round of choreography was a partner dance. Again, dancers could be cut, forwarded to the third round, or asked to dance for their lives. In the third round, the last 24 dancers learned a group routine. Then the judges selected the top 12 for the upcoming live shows.

Round 1:

contemporary girls

contemporary boys

hip hop girls

Brianna (from the hip-hop girl group) had to dance for her life

Round 2:

yo-yo. Samuel, Essence and Samuel M

Virginia, James, Jordan and Waverly

Madine, Andrew, Matthew and Brianna

Beau, Jaliya, Alexis and Thiago

Round 3:

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