Sony announces new “InZone” gaming monitors and headsets India News, The Indian Express

Sony InZone gaming monitor and headset.

If you want a ton of PS5 themed hardware, prepare to get in the zone. Sony is about to launch a new gaming brand called InZone with a focus on monitors and headsets. Interestingly, these products work with both PlayStation and PC.

The first InZone gaming monitors, called the M9 and M5, have some attractive specs. The M9 model ($900) has a 27-inch 4K display with a 144Hz refresh rate, while the cheaper InZone M3 ($530) uses a 1080p panel with an insane 240Hz refresh rate.

Both monitors support variable refresh rates (just like the PS5) and feature both HDMI and USB-C connectivity. Notably, the M9 model offers full-local array dimming, although this feature is absent in the InZone M3.

And oddly enough, the InZone monitors have crazy tripod stands with tilt and height adjustments. They appear to be VESA compliant, but Sony does not mention this specification in its PR or on its website.

Sony’s new wireless headsets are a bit simpler. The wireless InZone H9 ($300) and H7 ($230) offer 32 and 40 hours of battery life respectively, and more importantly, they support both Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connectivity. The H9 headset also uses noise canceling technology to improve audio and microphone quality, which is probably why it has a shorter battery life.

There’s also the InZone H3 ($100), a wired headset. Sony claims that all of these headsets offer superior sound quality with clean highs and impressive bass – I’ll let you know if that’s true after we review the headsets.

Sony says it will launch the M9 and M3 monitors “later this summer”. The H9, H7 and H3 headsets are available for pre-order and will ship July 7.