Sony Officially Acquires Bungie, Accelerates Vision to Create Generation-Crossing Entertainment

Bungie Playstation Sony 1

The ink has dried and the deal is closed: Sony officially owns legendary developer Bungie. The acquisition — reportedly valued at $3.6 billion — will help Halo’s creator maintain its independence and “accelerate its vision to create cross-generational entertainment.” A statement read: “Today Bungie begins our journey to become a global multimedia entertainment company.”

As part of the purchase, Bungie will help Sony establish a Live Service Center of Excellence, which will enhance the platform holder’s knowledge base as it looks set to release at least ten live service games. The developer, meanwhile, will continue to nurture the highly popular Destiny 2, while also “taking bold steps into unexplored spaces for Bungie”.

It’s worth reiterating that the company will continue to make multiformat games, despite its integration alongside PlayStation Studios within the Sony Interactive Entertainment umbrella. That’s one point the studio was only too eager to bring home now that the acquisition is complete: “Our games will stay where our community is, wherever they want to play.”

In addition to working closely with several other first-party teams such as Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica Studio, Bungie’s first steps within Sony will be to recruit aggressively as it looks to expand on its already sizable team. It mentions “all new worlds beyond” Destiny 2, so it clearly has several new projects in the pipeline.

It’s been a busy month for Sony’s corporate lawyers, and the company also closed its deal to buy Haven Studios earlier this week. This greatly increases the size and scale of Sony Interactive Entertainment, with the company indicating that it is not yet ready on the acquisition front. What do you think of these developments? Open your checkbook in the comments section below.