Sony’s goal is to become the Nike of gaming gear

Sony INZONE PS5 Playstation 5 1
Image: Push Square

Think of your favorite athletes in a number of sports. Whether it’s Giannis Antetokounmpo in the NBA, Cristiano Ronaldo in the Premier League, Emma Raducanu in the WTA, Tiger Woods in the PGA Tour or long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge, they all have one thing in common: they wear Nike gear. This is a marketing tactic that is as old as time: support the professionals to carry your products and the masses will want to imitate them.

That’s Sony’s goal with its new INZONE brand, which currently includes a trio of headsets and a pair of high-end monitors. The company will be incorporating the gear into its EVO event later this year and is partnering with Riot Games on its Valorant Champions Tour. Why? If you ever watch a professional gamer’s YouTube or Twitch channel, you’ll see dozens and dozens of people asking about their settings. It’s exactly the same game as Nike.

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“We start at the top and learn what the best eSports gamers want,” executive vice president Kazuo Kii told Nikkei. “The vision we have in mind is that Mizuno and Nike provide footwear to athletes. You can win prize money in eSports. If a monitor’s response time lags even slightly, you lose. Sony products will not fail those involved in these grueling battles.”

The products will of course have to perform – but Sony believes that, when it comes to its new monitors, its history with televisions will help. “Sony is unique in that we come from a background in TV production. We pride ourselves on our imaging technology. We look forward to showing customers our immersive experience and realism.”

INZONE’s first wave of products has received some decent reviews, with a price tag of $899.99 that is especially popular among tech enthusiasts. This is, of course, only the first line of products, but it’s clear that the company sees a huge opportunity in the industry – and could be a real rival to the likes of Acer, Alienware, LG, Samsung, et al.