Soon you will be able to use an iPhone as a Mac webcam

Apple plans to let macOS users use their iPhone camera as a webcam. The new Continuity Camera feature is part of macOS Ventura, an upcoming update to macOS. Apple envisions MacBook users placing an iPhone on their laptop and using the camera to enhance video calling in FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more.

Continuity Camera simply takes your existing iPhone’s rear camera feed and converts it into a webcam that can be used in macOS apps. Continuity Camera even supports Center Stage and Portrait mode, so there are plenty of video modes for a variety of conversations.

Apple says it’s working with Belkin on standards that will be released later this year to make it easy to hold an iPhone in place over a MacBook’s screen. You don’t need new hardware for this either, existing devices are supported via software updates. The new Continuity Camera feature will be available later this year.