Stardew Valley Creator is working on version 1.6, includes “some new content”

Stardew Valley

Although Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone is now hard at work on his next game Haunted Chocolatierhe’s not quite done with lifestyle farming simulation Stardew Valley

In a brief exchange with a fan on social media, Barone was asked if Stardew would receive future updates such as version 1.6 and 1.7. While he’s not too sure about version 1.7, he has confirmed that version 1.6 is on the way. It will “mostly” be a mod-focused update, but will also include some new content. Just don’t expect too much.

“1.6, yes. But it’s mostly a modding-focused update (makes life easier for modders). There will be some new content, but it won’t be huge. 1.7? Who knows.”

Barone was also asked about Haunted Chocolatier with references to Stadew Valley. He confirmed there would be some connections, but he’s still not sure “how deep” the connection between the two games will be.

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