Stranger Things Season 4: What Song Will Eddie Munson Play?

Damn it, dude.

With the melting guitar solo now confirmed to be dropping soon, we’re left with one question: What’s Eddie going to be playing? There’s always a chance Eddie will opt for an original riff, but where would the fun be? Weird stuff Season 4 has already introduced a whole new generation to an 80s (and forever) icon in Kate Bush by including “Running Up That Hill” as Max Mayfield’s (Sadie Sink) favorite song. They couldn’t pass up the chance to expand the musical palettes of younger viewers even further with a crunchy ’80s metal solo.

Happy, as always, Weird stuff fans are on the case. Social media users on Tik Tok, Twitter, and YouTube studied Eddie’s fingers in the first trailer as if it were the Zapruder movie. Combining the internet’s collective knowledge of music and the timeline of the ’80s, fans think they’ve arrived at an answer.

While this was a group effort on the internet, most of the credit for coming up with the best theory for what song Eddie is playing for can be attributed to Tik Tok user Jaden Bricker (who was, in fact, a Woodward and Bernstein one-man when the is about exposing Weird stuff season 4 easter eggs). Watch his video below:

Bricker’s theory, backed up by good logic and many other Tik Tok detectives, is that Eddie Munson will play Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”. You can listen to it below:

More than any other song Eddie puts out to play in Season 4, “Master of Puppets” checks just about every box. On a technical level, the notes and key in the song correspond to the movement of Eddie’s fingers on the frets, as seen in the trailer. On a character level, Eddie would definitely be a Metallica fan. On a timing level, “Master of Puppets” was released on March 3, 1983 – just a few weeks before the events of Weird stuff Season 4. And finally, on a thematic level, “Master of Puppets” would be an ideal pick for the show, as Vecna’s ultimate goal is to expand his dark, arachnid influence around the world. He even lifts his victims off the ground, where they hang limp like grim puppets.