Stranger Things: The True Story That Inspired Eddie Munson

“If you talk about satanic panic, Damien Echols [has] a tragic story that we are obsessed with,” Matt Duffer said Deadline in a recent interview. “I think we saw the HBO documentary lost paradise† We were in high school when we first caught those, and then of course we saw west of Memphis† It seemed like a great character and a means of investigating satanic panic, and therefore [Eddie] kind of had tragedy etched on him.”

Signs of the West Memphis Story Appear Elsewhere in Weird stuff also. The Hawkins High School guidance counselor who helped Chrissy and Max, among others, was named Miss Kelley, a likely nod to Misskelley Jr. In addition, one of the murder victims had the last name “Byers”, which seems to fit the season 1 storyline of the supernatural kidnapping of Will Byers.

Although Eddie had his heroic moment in the… Weird stuff finale, the townsfolk of Hawkins still believed he was responsible for Chrissy’s death, and he would likely have been unjustly jailed like those of Echols and his black-clad friends, who were on death row up to the death penalty. lost paradise movies and new DNA evidence aided their release in 2011. But their Alford plea deal means the men are still found guilty of the crimes by the court, despite maintaining their innocence. To this day, the real killer has never been identified, despite Echols, Misskelley and Baldwin’s requests for the state of Arkansas to conduct new DNA testing.

“Even if he had survived the season, you know it wouldn’t have ended well for him,” Duffer said of Eddie. “He would be demonized and blamed for all this. The moment Chrissy died in his trailer, it was the end for such a character. He ends up either dead or in prison, which is Eddie Munson’s tragedy after all. There was nothing our kids could really have done for him.”