Succession Brian Cox Reveals Doubts About “Terrible” Logan Roy – Deadline


Brian Cox initially had reservations about playing his unique character of Logan Roy on succession because he would have to pay “this abominable man for all this time.”

But then Cox realized, “He’s not a terrible man at all. He is a very misunderstood man.”

The Scottish actor plays Logan Roy, media giant and patriarch of a privileged, dysfunctional family whose members have continuously supported and then betrayed each other throughout four seasons of the increasingly popular drama.

Cox told The Times of London about his Golden Globe-winning performance in the HBO hit drama:

“What I love about Logan is that he has a great sense of humor. He knows how to get people going and consciously shakes people up. He’s constantly waking people up, even if it’s brutal in a way. I have a lot of respect for him.”

He told The Times of London he believes succession to be “a very sad show”, despite the humor and quick wit between the characters. The show is currently filming its fifth season, after in the season four finale, Logan Roy was betrayed by all of his children together and had to look to an outsider to continue his dynasty.

The Scottish actor pointed out that the media mogul, in turn, was abandoned by each of his children. “It’s endlessly disappointing for him.”

Cox told The times the show’s creator and writer, Jesse Armstrong, had told him not to be fooled by all the jokes on the show, “It’s a tragedy.”

Fans have speculated as to whether the Roys were inspired by the Murdoch clan, the Trumps, or possibly another family, but Armstrong has always objected, saying his characters were a combination of different people.

Cox said of Armstrong’s sharp satirical pen when pointing to characters like the Roys:

“There’s almost a kind of socialist imperative about those shows he writes. They are critiques, strong critiques. succession is a modern comedy of manners about people who are disconnected from the fundamental roots of life.”