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Sunny Hostin revealed that she does not believe in abortion under any circumstances, after the Supreme Court ruled to overthrow Roe V. Wade. The view co-hosts were outraged by the decision, which leaves abortion rights in the hands of states, and discussed it during a discussion of “hot topics” on Monday, June 27. Although Sunny also opposed the decision, she did reveal that she was against having an abortion on the show. “I do not believe in abortion at any time. I don’t believe in an exception to that,” she said.

Her co-host Sara Haines tried to clarify by asking, “Even incest and rape?” Sunny replied that she is against it, because of her religion. “Not me. That’s considered very radical by a lot of people, and it’s because I’m Catholic, and that’s my faith,” she said, pointing out that there are six Catholic judges on the Supreme Court.

Despite saying she doesn’t believe in abortion, Sunny said she didn’t think the Supreme Court should have used religion as its reasoning to quash the historic case. “This has always been a very difficult discussion for me, but what is not difficult for me is that this is an activist Supreme Court and they should not decide the law based on their faith,” she said.

co-host Ana Navarro, who is also Catholic, explained her feelings on the matter. “If you’re against abortion, don’t have one!” she said. Whoopi Goldberg also explained that regardless of creed, no one should have the right to impose their ideology on another person. “I am very pro life. I’ve never been against life. I want people to have the life they want, but I don’t want to force anyone. I don’t want anyone to come into my house and tell me how to raise my daughter and what she needs because they don’t know,” she said. “I appreciate everyone’s religion, but I’m not subscribed to your believe. I am not asking you to subscribe to mine, and you have no right based on your religious beliefs to tell me.”

Sunny Hostin has been open about being very pro-life. (John Nacion/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

After the draft decision was leaked, some of the show’s guests set fire to the Supreme Court decision before it was passed. Comedian Sarah Silverman pointed out the bigger implications the decision would have, as it would make it harder for poorer women to have abortions than rich women who need it. “Women with resources will always be able to have abortions. There will be dangerous abortions, and it’s just bizarre that the same people who want the government out of our lives want it in our wombs. There are people who are against the big government,” she said.

Star Trek star George Takeic reiterated the feeling that it does not follow the Republican idea of ​​a small government. “A core value of the Republican Party – I thought – was small government: freedom of speech, freedom of trade, all that freedom, but when it comes to the most private part of a woman’s life and decision-making, the government wants to it,” he said.

After the original SCOTUS draft decision was leaked, tons of stars weighed in to champion women’s rights. Of course, a number of political leaders have also spoken out about the importance of making legal, safe abortions accessible. Former President Barack Obama spoke about the dangerous implications of the decision. “The consequences of this decision would be a blow not only to women, but to all of us who believe that in a free society there are limits to the extent to which the government can encroach on our personal lives,” he said in a statement. .