Suns cares for Crows at home as defender succumbs to a sickening injury

Gold Coast took their seventh win of the season at Metricon Stadium on Sunday with a 116-73 win over Adelaide.

Despite only kicking one big kick in the first term, the Suns were able to control the game through midfield and beat their opponents in Adelaide.

With a 28-point lead at halftime, the Suns would never let the margin fall below two goals again, as Adelaide lacked the skill to make a real run in winning the match.

While the Crows appeared to be getting close in both the third and fourth periods, the Suns’ ability to score consecutive goals gave them the win as they piled up in the last eight majors.

The big story of the match was the sickening injury of Suns defender Wil Powell, with the 22-year-old suffering what appeared to be a dislocated knee.

Powell was sent off under emergency in the third term with a serious injury, while things didn’t get any easier for Gold Coast when Connor Budarick came down with a hamstring injury.

Despite being understaffed, the Suns were able to match the Crows in midfield and eventually give their forwards more chances with a 62-44 in-50 win.

While the Suns held onto field position after the first term, it was Adelaide who comfortably won the elimination count at (325-406). But in the end, it was their overuse of handball that really cost them momentum, as they used their hands 195 times compared to the Suns with just 108.

The Suns also had a remarkably even spread across their side, with Izak Rankine (three goals, 17 disposals), Matt Rowell (19 disposals, 11tackles) and Noah Anderson (27 disposals) their best.

Before the losing side, Rory Laird found plenty of football with 42 disposals, while Jordan Dawson (one goal, 32 disposals), Jimmy Rowe (one goal, 24 disposals) and Sam Berry (25 disposals, 12 eliminations) also impressed.

Now 7-6, the Suns are just three wins away from their all-time best season, which is their 10 wins, 12 losses and 12th place finish in 2014.

Their hopes for finals could be decided in the coming month with games against Port Adelaide (away), Collingwood, Richmond and Essendon (away), as the ladder tightens at the top.

The Crows hope to bounce back next week when they head to Hobart on Sunday afternoon to meet the Kangaroos at Blundstone Arena.


Gold Coast: 1.2, 7.5, 10.7, 18.8. (116)

Adelaide: 2.2, 3.6, 6.11, 10.13 (73)


Gold Coast: Ainsworth 3, Rankine 3, Casboult 3, Chol 3, Flanders 2, Holman 2, Davies, Jeffrey

Adelaide: Fogarty 2, Walker, Rowe, McAdam, Dawson, Hamill, Murphy, Rachele, Thilthorpe


Gold Coast: Izak Rankine, Noah Anderson, Matt Rowell, Ben Ainsworth, David Swallow

Adelaide: Rory Laird, Sam Berry, Jimmy Rowe, Jordan Dawson, Taylor Walker


Gold Coast: Wil Powell (knee), Connor Budarick (hamstring)

Adelaide: Riley Thilthorpe (ankle)