Suspect in Vancouver double stabbing released on bail

Two women were attacked on May 27 in an Airbnb suite on the west side of Vancouver.

A man twice charged with aggravated assault in connection with the stabbing on May 27 at an Airbnb suite in western Vancouver has been released on bail on June 24.

Arvin Pasha appeared on video before Vancouver County Court Judge Bonnie Craig as his parents watched.

He is accused of assaulting Yasmin El-Husseini and Ayah El-Husseini, court documents say.

The incident happened at a residence near Third Avenue and Arbutus.

Vancouver Police Department spokesman Const. Tania Visintin said Pasha was arrested on the day of the incident.

The judge has released Pasha on non-financial terms that he has no contact with the victims, lives with his mother in New Westminster, observes a 10pm-6am curfew, abstains from intoxicants, has no weapons and the follow directions of a bailiff.

The details of the bail hearing are subject to a publication ban. Such prohibitions exist, so a potential jury is not tainted by inside information of a case.

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