Sweetie Pie Shooter Convicted, Implies Tim Norman


Tim Norman better get used to squeezing his spacious legs and hips and body in an orange jumpsuit!

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The STL today reports that a man named Travel Anthony Hill pleaded guilty to shooting in court on Friday Andre Montgomery Jr

Hill was convicted on multiple counts of conspiracy and committing the 2016 contract murder of the 21-year-old former star of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s. According to U.S. District Judge John A. Ross, both counts carry a mandatory life sentence. Andre’s killer may spend the rest of his life behind bars, but the shocking case is far from over.

Before his death, Andre appeared regularly on the reality show about a St. Louis-based soul food empire founded by his grandmother, Robbie Montgomery† Instead of focusing on growing his mother’s business and helping Cousin Andre get his life back on track, Tim Norman reportedly “wanted Montgomery dead.”

Tim Norman


Travell Anthony Hill admitted to fatally shooting Andre in exchange for a $5,000 payment from Norman. There was enough evidence to put the pieces together, but Hill already admitted that part during calls to his brother from prison.

The plea involves Tim as the brain that hired too Therica Ellis, an exotic dancer who previously dated Andre. Both are suspected of conspiracy to commit murder. Detectives believe Tim paid her $10,000 to lure Andre to his death and told Hill where he was just before the shooting. If killing his own family wasn’t cool enough, Tim expected a $450,000 payday from a life insurance policy he took out on Andre. Him and his insurance agent Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam face additional costs of telephony and mail fraud for their life insurance scheme, but Tim was never able to successfully pay out the policy.

Evidence from Hill’s case paints a very different picture than fans saw in the popular OWN series.

Tim told Terica and others that he… believed his cousin stole $200,000 from Mrs. Robbie during a break-in. While the police interviewed Andre about the break-in, he told the officers that he believed Tim had stolen the money, jewelry and other items. Andre also told them that Mrs. Robbie was in the process of removing Tim’s name and accessing Sweetie Pie’s business dealings. Four days after he accused Tim, Hill shot and killed Andre.

It takes a sick and disturbed person to rob their mother or kill their cousin for money. Unfortunately, it sounds like Tim has been plotting to kill his late brother’s only child for a while now. A year before the shooting, he took out the nearly half-million dollar policy on his cousin and made himself the sole beneficiary. If there’s any doubt about how cold-hearted and calculating Tim can be, he kept the act on camera for years from the reality show until 2018. When fans heard the shocking news of his arrest, clips of him mourning Andre’s death went viral.

“I drove through the park with my mother to the place where Andre lost his life, because I haven’t been there yet. I don’t think Mom had been there either. We have lost many relatives on this street. Andre, lately, and then for Andre, my father. I haven’t been through this part of town since Andre passed away. Really, I avoided it,” he explained in an episode about his cousin’s death.

“Charles and I are the last boys of this generation. We’ve lost the whole family to violence, you know,” Tim said at the reunion.

Tim and Terica’s trial is scheduled for September.