Sydney could see a month’s worth of rain in one day if the weather strikes

Sydney could experience a month of rain in just one day, while a multi-day deluge hits the east coast of New South Wales.

Meteorologist Jane Golding warned that from the north at Port Stephens to the south at Bateman’s Bay will experience torrential rainfall tomorrow, with the weather escalating into Tuesday.

“We are seeing the formation of a coastal trough off the coast of NSW,” she said.

“We know these are quite dangerous systems and they are known to have caused widespread flooding in the past and that is definitely on the map for the next few days.”

Tomorrow Sydney and the Illawarra will be in the line of fire for the sudden downpour.

The Hawkesbury and Nepean, a region that has been devastated by flooding four times in the past two years, is now preparing for the possibility of yet another flood this weekend.

Flooding is also expected on the Cooks River, Georges River, Woronora and Shoalhaven.

With school holidays starting today in the state, State Emergency Service (SES) Commissioner Carlene York warned families to exercise caution when traveling to low-lying areas.

Heavy rain fell over Sydney last night and the BoM has warned it is “increasing”, forecasting to 20mm today.

The Warragamba Dam is currently 97 percent full.

Weatherzone said the deepening valley “may develop several small-scale low-pressure systems” that bring strong winds in addition to heavy rain.

Forecasted gust speed and direction at 10 p.m. AEST on Monday, July 4, according to the ECMWF-HRES model.
Forecasted gust speed and direction at 10 p.m. AEST on Monday, July 4, according to the ECMWF-HRES model. (Weather zone)
Weatherzone has urged residents of NSW and Queensland to stay tuned for warnings amid the “dynamic” weather event.

Accumulated totals in excess of 100mm are likely from this weekend through early next week in some eastern districts of NSW and QLD. Isolated multi-day totals of 200 to 300mm are possible, especially near and south of low pressure systems developing close to the coast,” it said, adding that these totals “will shift a lot” in the coming days.

“Check the latest forecasts and alerts for the most up-to-date information.”

Heavy rain, wet weather.  Queen's Square.  Sydney.  May 12, 2022 Photo Louise Kennerley
Sydney and the surrounding area are once again bracing for flooding amid a ‘dynamic’ downpour. (Louise Kennerley)

Let’s see what the weather is doing in the rest of the country today.

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Rain will wet the Queensland capital today, with a minimum of 14C and a maximum of 18C.

It will also get wet in Sydney where a minimum of 10C and a maximum of 16C is forecast.

A “rain or two” will fall over Melbourne. The mercury will reach 13C after a low of 7C.

Residents of the country’s capital woke up to 0C this morning. The mercury will reach 12C prior to a wet and rainy day.

It will be partly cloudy in Hobart. A minimum of 3C and a maximum of 12C is forecast.

In Adelaide it will be partly cloudy with temperatures between 8C and 15C.

A possible morning shower is on the charts in Darwin with temperatures fluctuating between 18C and 27C.

It’s getting sunny in Perth. A low of 6C gives way to a day of 19C.