Take Care of Business Teaser Reveals First Look at Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Biopic

If anyone is qualified to bring the colorful story of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley to life on screen, Baz Luhrmann has got to be high on the list, and we got our first look at what the director with flair for the spectacular is over with Elvis, the new biopic of one of the greatest music icons ever. After doing Shakespeare, musicals and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s best-known work, the Australian tells the story of Presley’s fame and his relationship with Colonel Tom Parker.

While the long search for a starring role finally ended in 2019, when Austin Butler was cast as Elvis PresleyThere was a lot of competition from some big names in the running for the role, including Harry Styles – who seems to be in the running for everything lately – Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort, but in the end something about relative newcomer Butler fit the bill. at what Luhrmann was looking for despite his short list of credits. In addition to Butler, Tom Hanks will play Tom Parker, a role already teased by Hanks when the actor showed off a new look he adopted to play the rock and roll legend’s manager.


Baz Luhrmann itself revealed the teaser for the film, as well as the June 2022 release date. The teaser certainly lives up to that name at just 21 seconds in length, but it manages to glimpse Butler’s Elvis as a younger man with his trademark on his back. combed hair, the iconic black leather outfit he wore in the ’68 Comeback Special, and his Vegas-era white jumpsuit, as well as ending with a TCB gold logo — stands for both the name Elvis used for his band from the late 1960s on and could also refer to the king’s slogan of ” take care of business.” That same sentence makes its way into Luhrmann’s tweet with the teaser.

“I’ve made a little something to let you good folks know that we’re settling down on June 24, 2022,” Luhrmann wrote.

The film has been in production for a long time, and the final reveal of a release date means fans of Luhrmann and Elvis can finally get a little excited about the biopic’s arrival. The film first entered development seven years ago, but it took until early 2020 for the film to finally get underway, only to be halted when Tom Hanks tested positive with Covid-19. The film was due to release in October this year, but the additional delays pushed that date to 2022. The film will be the latest in a series of major biopics that have been seen in recent years, including those of Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocket Manand there’s every chance that Elvis will continue the trend and Presley’s legacy remains as strong as ever.

Presley’s larger-than-life persona is sure to match Luhrmann’s glitzy and visually stunning style and we’re sure to see more of this in the coming months when we get a first full trailer for the film, but for now the teaser is done. work and left us intrigued to see how the final product turns out.