TCL’s new 4K TVs have some wild refresh rates


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Almost every year, TV manufacturers introduce some form of new technology to their TVs. A few years ago it was all about the features that could unlock HDMI 2.1 ports, and before that it was the various iterations of O/Q/mini-LED displays. The latest advancement in this new trend cycle is 4K TVs with 144Hz refresh rates.

Earlier this year, at CES 2022, TCL announced it would be releasing a new line of Google-powered 4K TVs with 144Hz refresh rates. The C835 mini LED TVs have finally made it to the Australian shores, so if you’re someone who likes an incredibly smooth gaming experience, this next-generation TV could be the answer.

Why are refresh rates important?

In a nutshell, your refresh rates determine how often your TV refreshes the picture within a second. For example, a 60 Hz TV refreshes 60 times per second, while a 144 Hz screen refreshes 144 times per second.

Higher refresh rates help keep your TV’s images smooth and prevent screen tearing. If you’re someone who plays a lot of fast-paced shooters, you know how important split-second moments can be, so high refresh rates ensure that your best-laid plans aren’t beset by stutters or skipped frames.

It should be noted that both the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 can currently only support 120Hz at a 4K resolution – and even then, not all PS5 and Xbox games can support that refresh rates. If you’re more of a PC gamer, you can plug your rig into any of the TV’s HDMI 2.1 ports, but the first thing you need to do is make sure your PC’s graphics card can handle 4K resolutions.

That said, these TCL TVs are among the first of their kind (Samsung also announced 144Hz 4K TVs at CES), so the technology is clearly heading in that direction. Consoles may now be limited to 120 Hz, but that may change.

What else is going on with these TCL TVs?

tcl 4k c835 mini led tv
Image: TCL

The C835’s refresh rates are pretty impressive on their own, but what about the rest of the TV? The Google-powered C835 uses TCL’s Quantum Dot mini LED display, giving it an improved brightness (1,000 nits), a higher contrast ratio and a higher color gamut, along with a greater number of local dimming zones for deeper blacks. It can also support HDR 10+ to really enhance those display features.

It seems that the 144Hz rates for these new TCL TVs are only achievable through support for variable refresh rate, a feature that automatically adjusts your TV’s refresh rates to match your console’s output. The C835 comes with four HDMI 2.1 ports – which are needed to use VRR – which should be more than enough to connect everything you need. It also has an Auto Low Latency mode, which does exactly what it sounds like.

The TCL C835 is available with 55-, 65- and 75-inch screens and is currently available for purchase from select Australian retailers, such as The Good Guys: 55-inch ($1,995) | 65-inch ($2.995) | 75-inch ($3,995).

You can view TCL’s product list for the C835 Mini LED TV here.