Tech news you may have missed: June 23-30

Image: Microsoft News

Welcome to a new edition of “Tech News You May Have Missed”. This is a series where we round up TechRepublic’s biggest stories from the past week, just in case a big story slipped by. Each week, the five most important or impactful news stories of the week are summarized in this recurring series.

1. Pentagon Finds Concerning Blockchain Vulnerabilities

In this story, Ray Fernandez investigates the Pentagon to find potential blockchain security gaps and what this could mean for crypto traders and businesses alike in the future.

2. Unfortunately, the global chip shortage continues

Esther Shein discusses the ongoing chip shortage that became an issue during the COVID-19 pandemic and why it will remain an issue heading into a potential recession in 2023.

3. Black Basta may be an all-star ransomware gang made up of former Conti and REvil members

A new ransomware group has come to the fore in recent months and may be aided by former members of the Conti and REvil gangs.

4. When a recession hits, this is where CIOs plan to cut spending

Matt Asay analyzes a study conducted by Morgan Stanley and describes where companies would try to cut spending in the event of an economic recession.

5. Employers must embrace new technology for new ways of working

In this piece, Allen Bernard discusses what employers can do to partner with employees and solve the challenges associated with making hybrid constellations the standard model.