The 5 Best Workout Apps of 2022

As a former bodybuilder/physique competitor and current Olympic/powerlifter, TrainHeroic is definitely the best workout app I’ve come across for weightlifting. It’s another freemium app where free users can build their own routines and track overall progress, while subscription users get access to things like readiness tracking (which tracks your energy levels, sleep quality, and overall pain), workout leaderboards, and individual coaching.

If you prefer coaching, you can choose a regular program (a one-time purchase) that you can add to your in-app calendar whenever you want, or an ongoing program (with a monthly payment to match). Each exercise has a video tutorial or text description so you can safely monitor your workout and do moves you may not know. And if you don’t want to get super bulky, you can find programs that focus more on toning and weight maintenance. You can even find specific programs, like Body by Daddy, to create a more masculine or feminine silhouette if you’re transmale/female or non-binary.

TrainHeroic automatically calculates your one-rep and working maximum percentages based on your input, eliminating the frustration of trying to do math on the fly. Choosing a coaching program also gives you access to that program’s community, so you can compare techniques, ask questions, and hype each other up. The subscription price varies by program, but most ongoing coaching sessions cost around $30/month, while one-off programs are often even cheaper. The app also has a timer function, so you can track how long your workouts last and make sure you rest well between heavy sets.


  • Automatic work and max calculations of one rep
  • Video and Text Tutorials
  • Robust community
  • Built-in timer


  • Free version is somewhat limited
  • No meal/nutrition registration