The ball is in Barcelona’s court. Dembélé agrees to extend and awaits reply from Catalan club

The French player agreed to the terms of Barcelona.

Press releases revealed that French Barcelona player Osman Dembélé, who has been out of contract since the start of the current season, has finally agreed to an extension for the Catalan club.

This was according to what was stated by journalist “Samuel Mardsen” who worked for the network “ESPN”, who confirmed that matters now depend on Barcelona itself.

The journalist did not explain the reason for the postponement of the Catalan club’s decision to dissolve Dembélé’s renewal process, whether it was until the position of economic levers was determined or before the Rafinha deal.

At the same time, today’s press releases from “Mundo Deportivo” newspaper confirmed that the club is considering either renewing Dembele or withdrawing the offer and making a better offer to include the Brazilian from Leeds.

It all comes as Barcelona starts announcing new season deals following the announcement of Andreas Christensen and Franck Kissier this week.

The Catalan club is trying to close several deals in the coming period, but for that they will have to activate more economic levers.

It is worth noting that Barcelona is trying to include Jules Conde of Sevilla, Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich, Marcos Alonso of Chelsea and others.