The best unscripted moments in horror history

In space, no one can hear a tantrum.

When people quote James Cameron’s 1986 sci-fi action classic “Aliens,” the line that comes up most often is a desperate one. Stranded on a desolate, hostile moon teeming with acid-blooded xenomorphs seeking to cocoon, impregnate, and otherwise slaughter all humans, Colonial Marine and fan favorite Private Hudson (played by the late Bill Paxton) oversees the situation, uttering the iconic line: “That’s it, man! Game over, man! It’s game over!”

Cameron, who previously helmed “The Terminator” and knew a thing or two about memorable but doomed characters, encouraged the sizable cast of “Aliens” to develop backstories for the people who play them. Some of the actors had enough experience to handle that individual world-building, but for Paxton, who had only a few (still formidable) movie credits to his name at the time, the task turned out to be a chore. That said, Paxton could see his character’s bouncy, immature demeanor and decided that Hudson, like many military personnel, was an avid gamer, prone to hysteria when failing to overcome the combat simulators he and his fellow military simulators use. training marines.

What better syntax to capture total defeat than the near-universal “Game over?” The phrase was a pop culture grenade, good enough for the Jigsaw killer to repeat when a victim failed his survival tests in James Wan’s “Saw” and its numerous sequels, nearly two decades after “Aliens” took gold from the box office. reaches. For his performance, Paxton earned a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor and the undying devotion of horror fans around the world. (Anya Stanley)