The Boys Season 3 Gives Jensen Ackles the Spotlight He Deserves

It’s never easy to join an established cast, especially when character dynamics are such a big part of what makes the show gel. The reluctant but loving relationship between Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Butcher (Karl Urban) is often the crux of the series, but the third season dares to add a wildcard when their latest Supe murder adventure happens to include the presence of Soldier Boy. The duo also spend much of this chapter away from their usual crew, parting ways with Starlight, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie and Kimiko, who all disapprove of the use of Butcher and Hughie’s Temp V.

It should probably be more of an adjustment to see a new team up, but Jensen Ackles makes crashing their party easy. Having it with you for the ride just makes it more fun. Soldier Boy’s sassy nature fits Butcher hilariously and a bit of a shock to Hughie’s sensibilities. At the same time, his heroic reputation brings out the optimist in Hughie — at least for a little bit. By the time the penultimate episode begins, Hughie has heard every offensive term in the book, the man haunted by voices, high as a kite and unnecessarily violent. (Nothing kills a budding partnership like shooting a nun!)

As Soldier Boy, Ackles wears his meanness on his sleeve and moochs around like he thinks he’s John Wayne: He’s just what a vintage ’40s superhero is. would are like popping it into modern times. In fact, he has all the righteous determination and self-assurance we’re used to seeing in Steve Rogers-esque figures, giving a lot of unsolicited speeches about being a Real hero. But minus the eloquence, truth or inspiring effectiveness.