The perception of India in the UK is outdated, we need to earn a place in India’s future: Rishi Sunak

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LONDON: The UK does not have a monopoly on opportunities, there are huge opportunities in India, Chancellor of the treasury Rishi Altar said on Friday, adding that India is “looking to the future” and Britain should not take for granted that India will always necessarily look to the UK.
“We have to earn that place and so we have to reshape our relationship,” says Sunak, Narayana-Murthy’s son-in-law. “This must be a partnership of equals. We focus a lot on how we can make it easier for people in India to come to the UK,” he said.
“If this living bridge is going to become real, we need to make it easier for people in the UK to study in India’s world-class institutions and work in India’s great start-ups. We are reforming our visas – I want to find out how we can make it easier for people to travel in both directions,” he told reporters ahead of the India Global Forum’s UK-India awards.
“I think the external perception of India has not caught up with reality for many people here in the UK,” Sunak said.
“India has the third highest number of tech unicorns and the second highest smartphone penetration. The future relationship between the UK and India is based on innovation, technology and science. India is a long way from being just a place where lower labor costs were the main added value. India is now creating best-in-class companies worldwide.”
Financial services and insurance are areas where there are huge opportunities for both countries, he added.
He said India is a country that “looks to the future” and that Britain should not take for granted that India will always necessarily look to the UK.
In his speech at the awards ceremony on Friday, Sunak spoke for the first time about his East African Indian roots, how his children paint rangolis on their Downing Street doorsteps on Diwali, his daughter Anoushka’s Kuchipudi dances, and how they will all join the mandir. to be. this Sunday in Southampton for their family day of prayer, when they will cook and have lunch. “My story is only possible if others came before me, broke down barriers and paved the way. It says a lot about Britain’s openness that I’m here in the… treasury,” he said.
Sunak said he went to India with his family earlier this year to see his in-laws but he will be in India later in the year


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