The prosecution kept a report accusing us of stealing the title “Century Club”. Because Zamalek is the real Century Club (video)

Zamalek Club Chairman Mortada Mansour revealed the latest developments regarding the affairs of the Horn of Africa Club and its former team player Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba”.

Mansour said in video statements on his official YouTube channel Tuesday evening: “Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly Club, filed a complaint against Zamalek over the title of the Century Club, and the communication was saved because Zamalek is the real Century Club .”

He added: “Are you going to lock me up again? We are in a respected country, the report has been saved by the exclusion of the suspicion of crime and the papers are included in the financial and administrative complaint book. Does the board of Al-Ahly have no violations?’

He continued: “I have submitted a memorandum to the Minister of Justice and the head of the Judicial Inspectorate, and my confidence in them is boundless, and I will not say what it says in this note. The convicted person is not above the law, and what is found in evidence and documents, and I say to the people, rest assured, and I will not speak out of respect for the great judiciary of Egypt.”

And he added: “Mohamed Othman, Al-Ahly’s legal counsel, filed a complaint, but the report was filed again. Al-Khatib was not satisfied with that, but sent us a letter to raise the Century’s banner. Club and file compensation in the case of £50 million.”

And he continued: “When we filed papers showing that the first notice filed during the compensation session had been preserved, they were in court, and they were frightened and fled. Why didn’t you ask Khatib, Muhammad Othman, what there in this case?”

He pointed out: “I warned Mahmoud Abdel Moneim (Kahraba) and said earlier that this player is my gift to the preacher, this player who insulted Al-Ahly and his fans and defeated Sayed Abdel Hafeez.”

He emphasized: “I took electrification from Enppi for 6 or 7 million pounds, and the first loan in 2015 was for one million and $200 thousand, and the second loan in 2017 was for 2 million and $300 thousand, which is about the same. is up to 63 million pounds.”

He continued: “Some alleged forgery of the contract and the result was a six-month suspension. Whoever helped you escape pays you. You are still young and your football future is lost, having been one of the best players in Egypt all the clubs have fled from you, even the Al-Ahly Club, which pushed you to escape.”

He explained: “We have won our cases for Hamdi Al-Naqaz and Gross, and we have submitted documents proving that we have the right in the case of Khaled Bou Tayeb, the club whose coffers we have emptied a quarter of a billion has become. pound.”