The rarest seer skins in Apex Legends

Apex Legends features a substantial cast of much-loved colorful characters with distinct looks and elegant design sensibilities. As usual in free-to-play games, Respawn’s blockbuster Battle Royale includes a ton of unlockable cosmetics to ensure players can add a personal flair.

Seer was introduced to the game in Season 10 last August, and he was immediately regarded as comically powerful. The visionary artist and sneaky recon specialist has taken some nerfs, but remains a powerful warrior. Despite being fairly new to the game, Seer has a ton of great cosmetic options to choose from.

Apex Legends: The Rarest Seer Skins

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Apex Legends has a way of associating some of its best cosmetics with short seasonal events, making certain skins hard to come by. Seer’s default look is so classy that more unique skins have to do their best to stand out.

1) Iridescent

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This elegant look swaps the striking gold of Seer’s regular look for a luminous green. The dynamic green lines on black leather evoke shades of the matrix in the eyes of the gifted artist.

Iridescent is hard to come by as it was only available during the Anniversary Event earlier this year. Players who stuck with this legend would have to put down 1,000 coins or 800 in Crafting Material for a short period of time.

2) Check me out

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Apex Legends joined a long line of popular games by partnering with Amazon and Twitch for certain loot. The small minority who linked their Prime Gaming account to this hit battle royale last August are the only ones who can rock this look.

The Check Me Out skin features a pretty obvious pun, adding a dashing checkered pattern to Seer’s look. As you would expect from a fashion icon, he even handles this controversial pattern with style.

3) Freebooter

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Pirates were very prominent when season 11 was underway. Unfortunately, that time has passed. The few who made it to that season’s Raiders Collection event are the only ones who managed to get their hands on this dynamic look.

The futuristic pirate look is one of the most dynamic style changes Seer can experience. Freebooter turns Seer into another character who looks so cool that fans wish they could play as him.

4) Looking for blood

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Last year’s Monsters Within event held these and so many other horror-tinged Apex Legends skins. Players could only grab this legendary skin with 2,400 Crafting Materials or various difficult packs, making it very rare.

The Out For Blood look makes Seer look like a deadly fighter and adds a Mortal Kombat element to his design. The Halloween event is long gone, but the skin still looks great.

5) Heartbreaker

Seer’s Launch Bundle: Heartthrob Skin Jewel of the Gods R-99 Painted Wings Charm

Apex Legends unleashed this skin alongside the hero, so players had to get in really early. This legendary look required 3,000 Apex Coins and could only be purchased in the Seer launch bundle.

The Heartthrob look is one of Seer’s most high fashion skins. Seer is more like a runway runway than a gunfight on the battlefield.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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