The Russos Talk Streaming vs Cinemas


The streaming versus cinema debate was weighed in today by filmmaker Joe Russo, and there are already quite a few responses online to what was being said.

Joe and brother Anthony Russo have played both sides of the coin – the pair are known for directing some of the biggest theatrical releases ever with the most recent two ‘Avengers’ and two ‘Captain America’ films.

They’ve also had great streaming success, producing the Chris Hemsworth-led Netflix hit “Extraction,” while their big-budget “The Gray Man” starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans hits theaters today and next week. appears on Netflix.

Speaking to THR, Joe Russo says Hollywood is facing a “culture war” regarding how movies are made and released:

“We are now in a crisis because everyone is at war with each other. It’s sad to see, when boys growing up love movies. Also, one thing to remember is that being able to go to a theater is an elitist idea. It’s very expensive. So this idea that was created – which we hold on to – that the theater is a sacred space is bulls-t. And it rejects the idea of ​​letting anyone under the tent.

Where digital distribution is valuable, other than what I said earlier about how it has fostered diversity, is that people can share accounts; they can get 40 stories for the price of one story. But having a kind of culture war about whether there’s value in that or not is fucking bananas for us.’

“The Gray Man” was shot and styled as a theatrical release, including the massive $200 million budget, but Joe says they’re indifferent to the delivery method of their movies:

“When we worked with Marvel, we traveled the world for ten years. What that empowers you with is an understanding that goes beyond a Hollywood-centered point of view of how to create content. We are agnostic about delivery.

You know what can make everyone happy is that Netflix is ​​starting to do 45-day windows and they have their massive digital distribution platform. Everyone wins. That feels like where it’s going.”

He also suggests that the film world needs to evolve beyond a cinematic model that reveres authors:

“The filmmaking author is currently 50 years old. It was conceived in the 1970s. We grew up with that. We were children, it was very important to us. But we are also aware that the world needs to change and the more we try to prevent it from changing, the more chaos we create. It is not for anyone to reject the ideas of the next generation.

We love everything about classic cinema, but we’ve never been so fond of it, in any way, in any form. How do you get rid of the old models? How do you reach target groups that have not been engaged before? That’s the most interesting thing for us.”

Speaking of their partnership with Disney, Joe Russo says Netflix is ​​relatively a much fresher and more dynamic place to work:

“Disney has become very conservative. After-[Bob] Iger, they appear to be in IP management mode. You get all the ‘Star Wars’ and all the Marvel you can handle for the next decade. They all change. It’s either an amplified conservative approach to your traditional studios or it’s forcing a tech company like Netflix to rethink the whole model.

[Netflix’s] easier to work with than a traditional studio. [It’s] more the mentality of a tech company than a studio. They are very hands off. Nobody bothers dude. They have a different approach to how they control the budget for the movie. It’s not as stressful as being in a studio.”

The pair reiterated this week that they would harbor the idea of ​​a possible Marvel return for a “Secret Wars” adaptation, but advised Deadline this week: “I’m trying to imagine making two more movies even bigger than those two” [Avengers]we will have to sleep on it.”

The comments come in as reviews for “The Gray Man” are not good, the film sitting at just 52% (5.8/10) on Rotten Tomatoes and a 49/100 on Metacritic.

Source: Indiewire