The tears of the Saudi Al-Ahly players make the event.. and the fans draw a picture of loyalty

Al-Ahly relegated to the second division (AFP)

Al-Ahly’s club has been relegated to the Saudi First Division after a negative draw with host Al-Shabab on Monday night’s final round that sent most of its players into tears after losing the dream of to survive .

Al-Ahly was 14th out of 16 and had 31 points, and only needed to win or come out of a draw with the loss of one of his sub-rivals and the agreement to avoid relegation, but it ended with positive results for his competitors, to make the tears of his players event, after this historic decline.

The team’s supporters and those in the stands drew a plaque to meet as tears overcame them, before chanting the team’s anthem, after confirming their relegation to the Grievances League, in a clear statement of support and the need stressed to be in the next season.

It is worth noting that only 6 years separated the celebrations of the Al-Ahly team’s coronation of the treble. In 2016, the team won the league title, the King’s Cup and the Super Cup, and relegated to the First Division Clubs League.