The touch of Suarish.. Did Al-Ahly come back to present the beautiful ball?

Swaris played his third official match with Al-Ahly club, to take his second win with the team, but the result alone is not the reason for the praise. Al-Ahmar’s performance reminded the audience of the previous golden generations, and the period of Swiss coach Rene Weiler when Al-Ahly presented a nice ball.

public reconciliation

South African Betso Mosimane, former coach of Al-Ahly club, has been widely criticized by fans for the decline in the team’s performance, especially in the Premier League competition that the team lost last season, and many analysts of the Egyptian League called on the foreign coach to develop the team’s performance and not be satisfied with African victories.

Ricardo Suarez said he will help Al-Ahly return to the best possible image of the hero, and will work on the development of Egyptian football in general so that fans will be happy.

The Future match is the first in three consecutive fiery matches that Al-Ahmar plays as it will play with Pyramids in the league within a week and then Zamalek in the Egypt Cup final.

Al-Ahly fans were waiting for some result to win against Future, who won the League Cup a few days ago, but Swaris favored the crowd with a stellar performance, turning the two-point loss to El Gouna into a negative. draw in the previous round.

Ahmed Schubert, vice president of Future Club and one of Al-Ahly’s legends, said of the new coach in a post-match interview: “Swarish has great enthusiasm and the marks of his work are starting to show up in the team.”

Schubert added: “Al-Ahly presented fun football that we haven’t seen in a long time. The pressure from the front, the intense play on the sides and possession are all things that the Al-Ahly fans have been missing recently.”

The secret of transformation

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, football director at Al-Ahly Club, believes the secret to developing performance is due to Swaris’ meticulous focus on players’ lives and attention to small details on and off the pitch.

Abdel Hafeez believes the Portuguese coach has made a big positive impact that began to appear on the team both on and off the pitch, pointing out that the discipline in the players’ lives outside of football is reflected in their work with the team .

Al-Ahly fans hope to continue the great performance and wins in the face of Pyramids to jump to second place and then return to the top with the delays, and to win Zamalek in the Egypt Cup final, so that Swaris gets a special place in the hearts of the red fans.