The Week in Drag – We swear it’s not all Trixie Mattel content! Say G’Day to the Down Under Queens, Nina West hits Comic Con, All Stars fashion and more

Hello Hello hello! We’re back with a post-holiday edition with updates and news from your favorite queens in The week in Drag

This week, the legendary All stars created their own viral dances to be released soon and unveiled their style on the catwalk. Last week, the dolls nailed a holiday-themed acting challenge and showed some gnarly fashion on the runway.

We’ve got reviews and opinions on last week’s episode, as well as lots (and lots…and lots) of videos from the insanely busy Trixie Mattel, another unboxing from Willam, an interview exposing season 7 queen Max, an update from the lovable Nina West and many more. There’s a lot to take in, so let’s take it to the runway!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, the queens had to go to TikTok to create a viral dance craze and reveal their best fashions on the catwalk. When the episode starts, Monet and shea pity as the last remaining 1 star queens and Jaida plays on how despondent she was to get the block. Ru describes the challenge as a “masterclass in branding” (first lesson: All queens have to choreograph their dance to a song by Mama Ru), so who became a social media sensation?

The videos, as with every challenge this season, delivered some wildly entertaining results. Shea gave us a literal performance of Ru’s “Cha Cha Biitch”, Jaida took her “Look over there!” in her routine, The Vivienne played out her lack of dancing skills and Monét transformed “Freaky Money” into a new payday song. And jinkxoh, how I love you, made a dance of making a sandwich and there’s no other song for that than the classic “Peanut Butter”.

On the catwalk, the theme was “What Lies Beneath” and the queens brought out the best looks that impressed the judges (including guest judge Ben Platt.) Shea was a vision in blue, serving up ’30s starlet in feathers, tulle and a backless dress, Jaida took us through the four seasons as a fast-changing performer (you know, if this drag thing ain’t working, Jaida, you can always continue America’s Got Talent.) Jinkx gave us an amazing art history lesson, Rajah glamorous resort wear to the extreme and Moné made a bold statement.

Ru proclaimed Jinkx and Monét to the top two of the week and for the first time in Drag race re-story, the duo takes it up in a spoken word lip sync, to Dixie Carter‘s iconic monologue “Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” from Women’s Designs Both queens did justice to Julia Sugarbaker, but only one can win and Monét joins the 2-star club. When it comes to the platinum plunger recipient, Monét seemingly fulfilled Raja’s quest to know the plunger’s secrets. Next week, the queens will test their comedy chops with the traditional roast challenge (for the Kennedy Davenport Center Honors.) Who does a good job? Tune in next week to find out.

Last week the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars took us on a haunted visit to Santa’s School for Girls (in one of the best acting challenges in a long time) and gave us great “warm fuzzies, but make it fashion” looks on the runway. Bob and Peppermint learn us on last week’s episode on “The Pit Stop.”

To lie Etrangja and Joseph shepherd discuss challenge performance, appearance and more in the latest episode of “Queening Out.”

Laganja keep the fashion commentary while she and Yuhua Hamasaki share some laughter and their ‘Bootleg opinions’.

Willow PillYvie Strangely enough and Betty Daya power take a seat on the rattan benches and join in Batty Davis and Kara Mel D’Ville for the weekly Roscoe’s Viewing Party I will ever attend.

The season seven All stars judge the iconic looks of their fellow queens as they play ‘Drip or Drop’ with Cosmopolitan. Who wore feathers better? Whose headgear was an anesthetic? Who rocked the best-spiked look? Watch and discover.

In another video, this time from To temptthe All stars try something they haven’t done before, like making dog drag names, recording a laugh track (that’s what Yvie was made for) through guided meditation, and drawing pictures with foundation and blush. Also, Yvie makes a sash for a DIY pageant, the queens try to identify celebrity perfume and give us their best Ru imitations.

More drag? Yes please. The second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under is almost there! The series will debut on July 30, exclusively on WOW Presents Plus. RuPaul returns as host with Michelle Face and comedian Rhys Nicholson serve as judges. 10 more fierce drag entertainers from Australia and New Zealand who will compete in various challenges and use their charisma, uniqueness, guts and talent to win the title of “Down Under’s Next Drag Superstar”. Watch the trailer and meet the queens (and let’s all agree Aubrey Haive is a great drag name.)

It’s never too early to treat yourself to some Christmas cheer, so why not celebrate the season with Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLaCreme† The hilarious duo are heading out with the Jinkx & Dela Holiday Show for a national tour of 22 cities, which kicks off November 23 in Buffalo. Read more about it and visit for tickets and info.

the delicious Nina West brings her kind of kindness to San Diego Comic Con with a very special panel that previews her very first children’s book The kind of you† Nina will be one of the very first drag queens to host a panel on their own project at SDCC. I’m so excited to make my San Diego Comic Con debut to talk about my new book The kind of you!Nina said.

“SDCC is a place where thousands of like-minded people gather to celebrate their fandom, and as a member of this community, I’m excited to share my new project with this incredible community of fans! And it doesn’t get any better, because I get to share this experience with my friend Ashley Eckstein, and the illustrator of The kind of you, Hayden Evans! Can’t wait to meet you all and share the kindness and love!” The kind of you hits shelves on October 25. To pre-order, visit

It’s probably no surprise, but the queens of Drag Race France kill it on the runway. After last week’s spectacular Gautier-inspired looks, floral ensembles have once again blossomed this week. Adriana and Scarlet Envy toot and launch the looks on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

And now let’s catch up with the unstoppable Trixie Mattel† Here she treats us to her latest PR outing, which includes Sugar Pill makeup, Colourpop (with his latest Star Wars line) and Resy. Also, I can’t stop thinking about the Hipdot x Cup O’ Noodles collection.

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Here’s your weekly check-in at the Trixie Motel† In this clip she performs rescue exercises with a little help from the charming and cute Leslie Jordan

It’s time to talk about… time. On the final episode of “UNHhhh,” Trixie is 30 minutes late, sparking a conversation about alarm clocks, being late, and all things time.

Trixie does a lie detector test for: Vanity Fair

I always like to watch Willem tear through boxes and packages with devotion, so I thoroughly enjoyed this Pride unboxing.

Gottmik (congratulations on the name change) and Violet Chachki update us on what they’ve been up to (like their recent Pride tour) talking about DragCon, the “Fashion Photo Ruview” controversy, Kim K’s Met Gala look, and more on “No Gorge.”:

I love Japanese culture and latest video from Rock M Sakura makes me want to go to Los Angeles immediately. Rock takes us to a Maid Café that, if you didn’t know better, would be in the heart of Tokyo.

If you’ve asked yourself, “I wonder what happened to… Drag race season 7s Max† Joseph Shepherd is here with the answers in one of his fantastic “Exposed” interviews.

In Laganja’s latest vlog she takes us behind the scenes of the “Work the World” tour.

Sharon Needles has released the second single and video from her upcoming album, Absolute Zero (which is available for pre-order). The new song is called “Flamin’ Hot” and Sharon says of the tune: “Some say disco is dead. While researching disco, I found that some of my favorite rock and roll bands had a hand in this disturbing funeral of my favorite soul, funk, disco and R&B bands “Flamin’ Hot” was written because I was hungover and I saw my musicians eating piping hot Cheetos I hate food but I love music I I am known for saying unsavory things, but I want to become more famous by making disco songs about savory snacks. While many people may find a resemblance to Madonna’s Hung Up, it is really based on the trans-French icon Amanda Lear. She loves from Blood and Honey, I from Blood/Honey.”

And with that, another week of drag fantasy comes to an end. But don’t worry, we’ll be back next week with more of the queens. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and say LOVE!