The Wordle #393 Hint and today’s answer: Sunday, July 17

It’s another lazy Sunday and another end to a much-needed weekend.

If we’re being honest, I’m still feeling a little energized from my recent bout with COVID-19, making this a much less active summer than I’m used to. I think I probably just need to drag myself out of this current slump, but it’s hard to muster the motivation needed to get motivated from the ether.

Oh well. At least Wordle doesn’t take much work. It’s a fun daily distraction and one that I like to distract myself with. I can ignore all the insane nonsense plaguing the world and our society for a few minutes and enjoy a little word puzzle game every day. It’s fun.

Anyway, let’s take a look at today’s Wordle word, shall we?

Wordle #393 Today’s Hint & Answer

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

First the hint: both a little crazy and a little spicy.

And the answer is. . . .

This didn’t start too bad, but I still felt pretty dumbfounded by guess #3.

Coat gave me three yellow letters – better than… crane would have, although Wordle Bot will still always tell you to use that word every time.

I really thought we would have a word with the last three letters ack Like it stack or shack or to beat or something, but it shouldn’t be. With three letters all the way to yellow, I guessed a word I wasn’t even sure used to be a word. What is a maximum you ask? I have no clue.

Still, I ended up getting the ‘A’ and the ‘C’ in green, leaving me with only one option for where the ‘K’ should go. Now all I had to do was figure out what would start and end the word with ACK in the middle.

Since there are no plural answers in Wordle, this meant that ‘Y’ was by far the best option. _ACKY in other words. From here it seemed pretty clear that crazy would be the last answer, and I was right. Winner, winner chicken dinner.

Happy Sunday everyone. See you on the flip side.