This sale of ELEGOO resin printers is a great starting point for 3D printing

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Depending on what you want to do with the 3D printer, it can be an expensive hobby to get started. While a filament 3D printer is an affordable place to start, it lacks some of the finer detail quality on smaller print jobs due to the nature of the printing process. For some, that lack of fidelity is a bit of a turn off, especially if their 3D printing goals involve making jewelry or small figurines.

If you’re looking to 3D printing or want to make the jump from filament printing to resin printing, you can get a great deal on some of ELEGOO’s 3D printers right now.

Which ELEGOO printers are on sale?

These ELEGOO resin printer deals are a great starting point for newbies to 3D printing
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Here are all the ELEGOO 3D printers currently on sale:

The ELEGOO Saturn and Mars are both Masked Stereolithography Apparatus (MSLA) 3D printers that use a vat of liquid photosensitive resin and an array of UV LED lamps to shape objects.

To print objects, the Saturn and Mars use an LCD photomask to quickly flash the resin with the UV lamps as they move layer by layer, causing it to harden and harden.

Unlike filament printers, where the layering is much clearer, the surface finish of these resin printers is significantly smoother with an overall better print quality.

What can these ELEGOO 3D printers do?

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If you have never used a 3D resin printer, the: ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro is a great place to start. It will help you master the basics of resin printing, at a fairly affordable price (especially with this discount). It has a print volume of 129 x 80 x 160 mm and uses a 2K LCD display.

The ELEGOO March 3 has a slightly larger print volume of 142 x 89 x 175 mm and uses a 4K monochrome LCD display, giving it a higher print resolution.

What makes the ELEGO Saturn important is the size, making it a great upgrade option if your current resin 3D printer is a bit on the small side. The Saturn uses a 4K HD LCD, which allows you to print much finer detailed objects more accurately.

It has a fairly large print volume of 192 x 120 x 200mm, making it a great option if you plan on doing large 3D print jobs. It also gives you more room to print multiple parts in one job.

If your 3D printing goals include creating lots of game miniatures on tables, the Saturn’s increased print volume will allow you to increase the total number of figures and objects you can produce per session.

One thing worth noting is that none of these ELEGOO Saturn or Mars printers come with resin, so you’ll need to pre-purchase a few separately if you want to start printing right away.

You can grab a 500g bottle of resin here, which also happens to be a sale.

Get a 24% discount on an ELEGOO drying and washing stations

These ELEGOO resin printer deals are a great starting point for newbies to 3D printing

If this is your first time using a resin printer, it is important that you rinse off the excess liquid resin when your print job is complete. Then you have to dry it and then cure it by exposing it to UV light and heat.

ELEGOO’s Mercury X Bundle is currently also for sale for $229.49, lower than the usual price of $299.95. If you don’t already own a washing and drying station, you should strongly consider it.

Washing and curing your 3D print is an essential part of the printing process. Curing your print job helps to cure and strengthen the resin by completing the polymerization process, while washing helps to remove excess uncured resin from the surface.

The ELEGOO Mercury X has separate washing and drying stations, with a maximum curing size of 200 x 260 mm and a 7 liter wash tub, making it a great option if you are making much larger prints. It even uses a small turntable to ensure your print job is evenly exposed to UV light during curing.

The ELEGOO Mercury X Wax and Cure Bundle is available for purchase here.