TikTok Restores Rhode Island Senator Tiara Mack’s Account


Rhode Island’s youngest senator, Tiara Mack, has been suspended from TikTok for posting a video of herself twerking for votes.

In the videothe 28-year-old politician clumsily twerks into a handstand.

Mack described the reaction to her twerking video as “misogyny, classism and racism” in a phone interview on Wednesday.

“My behavior on my Twitter, Instagram and TikTok is consistent with a young millennial in office and challenging standards,” Mack said.

“I show that leadership looks different and welcomes people in the many different facets of my life.”

But not everyone agrees with her message. Twitter users called Mack’s behavior disgraceful and shameful, saying she had no business as a state senator.

Mack’s TikTok account was reinstated on Wednesday after being suspended on Tuesday.

“My community is overwhelmingly supportive,” Mack said, referring to the LGBT+ community. “They know exactly what these attacks are and what these attacks can do, especially to a queer person of color.”

Mack, who was elected in 2020, said the video was “a way to show that elected officials can be crazy and have fun and enjoy a day off.”

She believes the TikTok suspension was politically motivated after proposing a bill last year that would require schools in Rhode Island to provide sex education to children who “represent pleasure-based sexual relationships, recognize different sexual orientations, and include same-sex relationships.” “