Tips to avoid flight delays and cancellations this summer

BOSTON – Delays and cancellations are common at airports these days.

“Earlier this morning they delayed it again by two hours, so it will leave around 3:50 am,” said traveler Ibrahim Kallon.

“I flew to Costa Rica and back via Miami. I was delayed. I had to stay overnight. The line to get a free hotel room was about two hours, so I ended up paying for it myself,” said traveler Mitch Rock.

Kyle Potter is the executive editor of Thrifty Traveler. His advice? Fly in the morning.

“When something goes wrong with the airlines, it snowballs and gets worse by the day. But in general, airlines can get their first flights on and off the ground on time,” says Potter.

And avoid connections whenever possible.

“The chances of your first flight being delayed or even canceled are now greater than ever. So if you miss that second flight, you may be out of luck,” Potter said.

President of Brookline-based travel agency BLER Travel Shimshon Erenfeld has been in the business for thirty years, helping clients fly around the world. He says if you can’t miss events, get there early.

“We recommend that people now cruising a day earlier or even two days earlier to avoid these types of events,” Erenfeld said.

According to, there were more than 800 canceled flights in, to or out of the US on Sunday alone, and with the July 4 weekend and summer travel ahead, experts say they are planning accordingly.”

“This is really awful, and I’d say about as bad as it’s ever been. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better,” Potter said.