Today’s Wordle Answer (July 16): Puzzle 392 Hints, Clues, and Solution

Sit back and relax with today’s Wordle answer for July 16.

We start the weekend with a difficult challenge for puzzle 392, which – although it is a common word – contains some difficult consonants to guess and a tricky double vowel.

This makes it particularly difficult to get things out of the thousands of possibilities in just 6 guesses, but if you focus on getting green letters – already in the right place – over orange letters that have yet to be moved, then it is possible.

To make things a little easier, we’ve left you a list of recent Wordle solutions so you know what to avoid, as well as some helpful hints and pointers to get you thinking.

Clues and Hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

If you’re still missing a lot of letters in Wordle, it can feel like a huge amount of space to fill. To help you fill in the gaps, here are a few hints to get you started.

Reducing the entire alphabet of consonants can be a very difficult task, especially if double vowels are involved as well.

Your clues are:

  • The answer contains 2 vowels, but it is the same letter repeated twice
  • The first 3 letters spell out a baby marsupial name in Whinnie the Pooh
  • The last 2 letters describe a first person possessive determiner

Previous Wordle Answers

There are thousands of new possibilities, but all these words have already been used in Wordle. While they can be good for a few ideas, they are best avoided.

Today’s Wordle Answer July 16th

Today’s Wordle answer is: roomy.

While adding “-y” to the end of a word sounds like a more recent phenomenon, it’s actually something that’s already been included in Old English, where the suffix was more like “-ig” but meant the same thing.

Roomy itself has been in use since the 17th century, but there was also an earlier word that meant the same thing, “roomsome”, which sounds pretty funny.

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