Tom Cruise allegedly insulted Nicole Kidman and allegedly angered ex-wife, says dubious gossip


To be Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman to argue? A gossip magazine claims that the famous exes “fly at each other’s throats”. Let’s check in on the Eyes wide closed co-stars.

‘Bitter’ Tom Cruise ‘Slaps Down’ Nicole Kidman?

This week’s edition Globe reports that there is tension between Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Cruise broadcast a video montage showing his decades-long career ahead of his highly anticipated Top Gun: Maverick† But reports say Kidman failed to make the cut despite starring in multiple movies alongside Cruise. And while such a lockout wouldn’t normally make headlines, many of Cruise’s female co-stars, including his ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz, made an appearance.

“This was a real kick in the teeth for Nicole, but Tom didn’t care,” an insider said. “He did this very deliberately to make it clear to Nicole and the world that he has no respect for her whatsoever. It’s no secret that her comments about him and their marriage in interviews have infuriated Tom, while his other exes have usually kept a dignified silence!” But sources say the move could come back to bite him. “He’s asking for trouble, though, because it’s very likely she’ll address this and challenge him for holding such petty grudges!” the tipster muses.

Cruise has ‘zero respect’ for Kidman?

This report is just bizarre. First of all, why would Nicole Kidman care if she was locked out? cruisingcareer highlight reel? The video was meant to celebrate Cruise and no one else. And since Cruise and Kidman’s marriage still makes headlines despite ending more than 20 years ago, it’s entirely possible whoever put together the montage simply didn’t want the peak of Cruise’s career to be overshadowed by the memory. on his second marriage.

And of course, the magazine doesn’t mention that Cruise fondly referenced Kidman in a Q&A later at the festival. When handling a question about an intensely dramatic scene in Eyes wide closedCruise commented: “We worked together to find the tone: [Stanley Kubrick], Nick and I.” Cruise is clearly not averse to all the memories of Kidman.

In fact, neither Kidman nor Cruise have ever spoken a bad word about each other in public. It’s true that Kidman is candid about the trappings of a young marriage. That said, she never spoke badly of his character. And, surprisingly, the same goes for Cruise. In 2005, Cruise even spoke fondly of his ex-wife. “I love Nick. A lot. There is no doubt about it,” he told an interviewer. “I want Nicole to be happy… That’s what I want.”

Despite the magazine’s attempts to concoct a feud between Cruise and Kidman, it’s clear there’s no bad blood between the exes. It seems the couple’s decision to break up was mutual and they are happier about it, but this talk of Cruise having “no respect” for Kidman is completely out of line.

The tabloid about Tom Cruise

This report is of course no surprise coming from the Globe† Last year, the outlet reported that Cruise was “terrified” of dating again. Then the magazine claimed Cruise was planning to propose to Hayley Atwell after meeting her on set Mission: Impossible 7† And more recently, the publication alleged Cruise was unrecognizable after too much Botox. It is clear that the Globe has no idea what is going on in Tom Cruise’s life.