Tomorrow there will be a chicken nugget festival

This Saturday is a day dedicated to chicken nuggets at Welcome to Thornbury.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all… the famous food truck park on the north side, Welcome to Thornbury, is hosting a Chicken Nugget festival tomorrow. Start your weekend with a smorgasbord of these crispy breaded chicken treats. In classic weird-Melbourne-food festival style, there’s a wide variety of unorthodox chicken nugget-inspired meals you can grab — including chicken nugget subs, chicken nugget pizzas, baos, and donuts.

What you need to know

  • Welcome to Thornbury hosts a day dedicated to the chicken nugget
  • It will take place on June 25th and entry is free
  • Children are welcome until 8pm and dogs are welcome all day long

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With food trucks Mr Burger, Sparrow’s Philly Cheese Steaks, Nuggies and the vegan food truck Working Amazing all coming out tomorrow, it’s going to be interesting to see the various unique spins on the famous nug. There will also be a suitably wide range of dips for you to enjoy.

From food trucks to festivals, Welcome to Thornbury can and does it all. It’s a bastion on the north side and there’s not much the self-advertised “probably the best beer garden in Melbourne” doesn’t offer, making it not an empty brag.

It’s a must if you are traveling through the area and you are guaranteed to find a crowd of people and something happening as you walk through the gates to the large beer garden and beyond.

If chicken nuggets are your family, head over to Welcome to Thornbury tomorrow. Read more by going here.