Twitter will soon let you go way beyond the 280-character limit with its new notes feature

social media platform Twitter has introduced a new internal team in its structure called ‘Twitter Write’ and they are combining this with the test launch of a new feature called ‘Notes’ that allows users to create articles and publish them on their profiles.

This new addition is currently only available in four countries (US, UK, Canada and Ghana), but the published Notes will be visible to all other users around the world. Initially, the Notes tab will only appear on the desktop version of the social media platform, but as the company continues to test it and fix any bugs, it is expected to roll out to mobile users as well.

This is a first initiative by Twitter’s new “Write” team to provide users with a platform to share their thoughts across a wider spectrum. As the company itself points out, the tools they provide are not just meant to be used by journalists or authors, but by everyone from bloggers and content creators to community managers, poets, or screenwriters.

This is what a note looks like once it’s published on your profile. Stay tuned as they launch today.

If you look at it from a blogger’s perspective, this new platform seems to borrow a lot of elements from other online blogs or creative websites, such as Medium or Ghost. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, considering how easy they are to use and how simple they make a writer’s life.

However, aside from Notes and the introduction of the “Write” team, Twitter has taken the opportunity to announce a number of other additions coming to the platform which are listed below.

  • Brand likes: Branded Likes allow advertisers to customize Twitter’s Like button. An advertiser can select a set of hashtags and for 24 hours, every time someone likes a Tweet that contains those hashtags, the Like button turns into a custom animation. After seeing exciting results in beta testing, Twitter will be making Branded Likes available to all advertisers in the US, UK and Japan next week. Advertisers who are outside those markets but want to reach people in those regions can also take advantage of Branded Likes.
  • Location Spotlight: The Location Spotlight is currently available to all professionals in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Next month, Twitter plans to make it available to all professionals worldwide. The Location Spotlight allows businesses to display their location, hours of operation and additional contact methods such as phone, SMS, email or DM, making it easier for customers to find and learn more about their brand. Ultimately, the Location Spotlight can help a customer move forward with the purchase.
  • Twitter company settings: Twitter Business Settings becomes a central hub for Twitter advertisers to manage their accounts, assets, employees, and permissions in one secure space. More will follow later this year.

Twitter’s Notes feature has a lot in common with other online blogs like Medium.

  • Dynamic product ads: Last year, Twitter introduced more customization through Multi-Destination Carousel, a flexible and engaging way to showcase a variety of products through swipeable ads. On average, Twitter has seen a 20 percent higher click-through rate across all objectives compared to a single asset ad format through this format. Multi-Destination Carousel is at the heart of Twitter’s plans to launch dynamic product ads later this year, allowing brands to personalize the creative they show in their ad by showing the most relevant products to the right user.
  • Conversion optimization: Helps run campaigns to reach people most likely to perform a website action in a lower funnel, such as add to cart, purchase, or submit a form.
  • Optimization of app purchases: App purchase optimization is currently in trial and will help brands deliver app ads to people most likely to make a purchase.

All of these features will appear on Twitter by the end of the year.

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