Two new Love Island ‘bombshells’ cause a stir as they enter the villa

The new Love Island “bombshells”, Jay Younger and Remi Lambert, caught the attention of some of the contestants as they made their dramatic entrance at the villa.

When the islanders threw a party at the end of Tuesday’s episode of the ITV reality show, the two new entrants surprised them when they came in unannounced.

A few of the female contestants seemed impressed with the new additions, most notably Ekin-Su, who stated that she was getting to know Jay – despite being currently linked to Davide.

When they arrived, 28-year-old Edinburgh investment analyst Jay said: “Sorry we’re late to the party.”

After a brief chat with Jay, Ekin-Su told the girls, “I think I’m going to pass out… he’s so cute, I really like him, I’m getting to know him.”

Manchester-based model and rapper Remi, 22, also caused a stir, with Amber in the beach hut saying: “At first glance, they both look pretty cute.”

Paige later added that the boys ticked many boxes of what she was looking for.

The islanders were treated to the “shimmer and shine” party after completing a challenge earlier in the day.

The male islanders competed against each other in a “Men-Chanics” car themed obstacle course, dressed in silver glittering slips.

Close to

Jay and Remi on Love Island

As part of this, they had to carry their partners on their backs through oiled tires while the fellow male participants sprayed them with water, and had to perform a dance in the “car wash”.

After they all participated, Dami Hope was voted the best show by the female islanders.

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The episode also saw Gemma, the daughter of soccer star Michael Owen, slip the tongue for accidentally calling her current match Luca by the name of her ex Jacques.

Her ex Jacques O’Neill was sitting next to Gemma and Luca when it happened after he made a dramatic entrance at the villa on Sunday.

After Luca heard the misstep and walked into the garden, Gemma asked the other islanders, “That was bad, wasn’t it?”

After just pairing up with Jacques, Paige replied, “That was bad. I’m not going to lie. He was standing there, you had your man rubbing your shoulders, he was standing there and you said… ‘Oh Jacques.’”

Before apologizing, Gemma had a chat with Jacques about how to handle the situation, which annoyed Luca when he wondered why she should speak to him first.

She said: “I come to you and say I’m wrong, it was a mistake. I have no feelings for him and I have no interest in going back with him.

“If you want to go on like this, I don’t feel like arguing. It’s a genuine mistake, I’m sorry.’

Later at the beach hut, Luca joked, “Well Gemma just smiled at me and it’s all over, have a nice day.”

He added: “No, she apologized and we live another day with her ex next to us, happy days, who would have thought.”