U2’s Bono Reveals He Has A Secret Half Brother And The Discovery Helped Him Forgive His Dad

Bono has revealed a closely guarded family secret for the first time in a candid interview, something he has kept from the public eye for the past four decades as U2‘s front man.

The 62-year-old musician is known to have a brother, Norman Hewson, however, in an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs on Sunday morning UK time, Bono revealed he also has a half-brother, a fact he has never talked about publicly.

“I have another one that I love and adore,” Bono told the radio show when discussing his upcoming memoir. Surrender: 40 songs, one storyin which he writes about finding peace and forgiving his late father, who died in 2001. He referred to the discovery that he had a sibling “that I didn’t know I didn’t have…or maybe I did.”

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Bono of U2, pictured here at a performance in 2018, has revealed that he has a half brother. (Getty)

Bono’s half-brother was born after their father, Brendan Robert “Bob” Hewson, had an affair. The affair reportedly took place while Bob was living in Dublin with his wife – Bono and Norman’s mother – and son Norman.

The “With or Without You” singer said he discovered he had a half-brother or half-sister through a secret romance his father had with someone other than his mother, which helped him rationalize Bob’s behavior when Bono’s mother, Iris, died suddenly of a brain aneurysm when the musician was only 14 years old.

“My father went through a lot. His head was somewhere else because his heart was somewhere else,” Bono said. “I could see that my father had a deep friendship with this beautiful woman who was part of the family and then they had a child, which was all kept secret. Nobody knew.”

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Bono as a child with his mother Iris and brother Norman. (Instagram/Twitter)

After discovering his half-brother’s existence, Bono questioned his father about their family and his relationship with Iris.

“I asked him, ‘Does he love my mother?’ He said, ‘Yes,’” Bono recalls. “And so I asked him, ‘How could this happen?’ and he said, “It can,” and that he was trying to set it right, trying to do the right thing.

“He didn’t apologize, he just said these are the facts. I’m at peace with it.”

Bono said that once he knew the truth, he began to regret his behavior as a teenager. During his teenage years, his relationship with his father was tense and deteriorated after his mother’s death.

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Bono said that discovering he had a half-brother helped him forgive his father. (Getty)

“I’m sure I was difficult to deal with. He was dealing with other things in his life. He was very droll and very funny. But it got tough,” Bono said. “I feel like I wasn’t there for him.”

Finally, after his death in a chapel in France, Bono made a formal apology to his father.

“There was no one there, I lit a candle and I got on my knees and I just said, ‘Look, I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you, you’ve been through a lot and please forgive me,’” Bono said. “And I felt free.”

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