Unusual land devil pops up in city of Canada, shocks beachgoers

The image shows a landspout tornado landing in the town of Watrous.

A strange weather phenomenon was reported last week from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It showed a landsparrow tornado landing in the town of Watrous.

According to NOAA Severe Storms Laboratory, a land spray is a tornado with a narrow, rope-like condensation funnel that forms while the storm cloud is still growing and there is no rotating updraft — the spinning motion originates near the ground.

A tornado, meanwhile, is a small-diameter column of air that develops into a convective cloud and comes into contact with the ground.

The terrifying video of the unruly landspout is going viral on social media. It was shared by a user Douglas Thomas on Twitter showing an approaching landspout.

The video was shot on a beach and you can hear a woman yelling, “Oh my god! It’s a tornado,” as the beachgoers curiously mock the land spray with interest. The Twitter video features a man saying “Unbelievable”.

Soon, the beachgoers prepare to leave the area as quickly as possible, as shown in the footage, as the storm intensifies.

Since the post was shared, it has received more than six lakh views and more than 4,700 likes.

Recently, a time-lapse video of a large supercell thunderstorm pouring rain over farmland in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada, went viral on the Internet.

The video was shot by storm chaser Jenny Hagan.

A thunderstorm with a deep, sustained twisting updraft is called a supercell. Although uncommon, supercells are the main cause of most extreme weather events, especially tornadoes.

Ms Hagan said in her post that she shot the video at sunset near the town of Cantuar, which was under a thunderstorm warning at the time.