Valorant’s new map Pearl is set in an underwater city, will be released with Episode 5

appreciateThe next season comes with a huge new addition: a new map. Riot Games announced the map, called Pearl, on Thursday with a new trailer. The map comes with Episode 5: Dimension of the game, which is set to begin sometime during the week of June 20.

Pearl is an underwater map, the first of its kind in appreciate† The trailer welcomes us to a holiday called Sanctuary Day with a Portuguese voiceover, telling the story of Kingdom Industries building a bubble around an underwater city to prevent climate disasters. We get a bit of a feel for some parts of the map, including what looks like a cafe.

This is the first map that Riot has added to appreciate since the release of Fracture in September last year. In the meantime, Riot has released several agents, including Chamber, Fade, and Neon, who have helped keep things fresh while the studio was between the cards. After it arrives in play, Pearl is the eighth card in appreciate