VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE Gets a Physical Release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 – GeekTyrant

Funstock and Draw Distance have announced a physical release of Vampire The Masquerade: The New York Bundle for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 due out this year. The bundle includes: New York Coteries and Shadows of New York and fans can enjoy a collector’s edition released at the same time. This interactive novel games will be popular with fans of Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition and will feature two independent adventures. New York Coteries you can choose a character from 3 different clans as you take your first steps as a vampire to explore a city about to explode. Shadows of New York lets you investigate the death of a New York anarchist leader while playing as a member of the Lasombra clan. I haven’t had a chance to play Vampire the Masquerade yet, but this seems like a really fun way to get into the game. If you’ve been interested in the world of Vampire the Masquerade but had a hard time finding people to play the TTRPG with, this might be a good way to get to know the world of the game. There is no release date yet, but keep an eye out this year.