Verratti was robbed in Ibiza at the home of Brazilian Ronaldo

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Madrid (AFP) – French midfielder Marco Verratti and France national football team Paris Saint-Germain were the victims of a burglary at the home of former Brazilian striker Ronaldo while on holiday in Ibiza on Monday, with an estimated damage of 3 million euros.

Sources close to the case told AFP on Tuesday that the thieves had seized “a large amount of jewelry and money”, without further details. Spanish police opened an investigation into the case on Monday after filing a complaint.

The local newspaper, Diario de Ibiza, estimated the value of the robbery at around 3 million euros and noted that Verratti and the people accompanying him were not in the house when the theft took place.

This new heist on footballers comes a few days after the robbery of Spanish striker Dani Olmo, the German striker from Leipzig, on a Valencia street by two people who, according to the Spanish press, stole a luxury watch from him.