VIDEO: Central Texas Police Officer Takes In Abandoned Wildlife

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (KXAN) — We’re not going to waste your time with a ton of text, we just wanted to show you this adorable video of a New Braunfels cop holding a baby deer and a raccoon after the two were left in the wild:

Police posted the video to the city’s TikTok, explaining that the fawn was rescued after its mother was hit by a car and the raccoon was rescued by animal welfare officials after being abandoned by its mother.

That’s where Agent Flugrath comes in. He has restored several animals to health, the post said. Some are released into the wild, while others bond with him and become pets.

The post has attracted some attention, including from people in the community who have had Flugrath come over to help them with animal problems, including Angie Wolf who said, “Agent Flugrath is AMAZING! He kindly helped get a snake out of our grill. to guide our back porch!”

“Serve and protect even our four-legged friends!” the department said in their post.