Video of the owner of an exceptional skin .. A strange record in “Guinness”

Jimmy Keaton has made his air-absorbing skin a source of fame and even livelihood because he can use this feature to stick things to his skin.

In 2016, Keaton entered the Guinness Book of Records when he stuck 8 cans of booze on his head and left them in place for 5 seconds.

But a Japanese man broke this record when 9 cans were attached to his head in 2019, before Keaton recaptured the title with 10 cans.

Keaton attributed his extraordinary ability to a rare medical condition, telling Guinness World Records, “I have an unnamed skin condition where my pores are literally sucking in air.”

This condition has given him the ability to stick things to his skin since he was a kid, but Keaton said he didn’t realize the power of his skill until he first shaved his head, which he can attach various things to.

“Now I’ve become a business,” he said. “I sell to others and attend important events. They pay me anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 to showcase my skills.”

“It’s all because of this condition,” Keaton continued. “I’ve met a lot of celebrities, and what’s really funny is that they come up to me and ask me for pictures. They know me before I see them.”